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Bismarck enters the new season with redemption on their minds

8/04/21 (Wed)

Wednesday morning marked the first day of on-field practice for the Demons, a sense of excitement at the start of a new season.

“We are a competitive team,” says head coach Ricardo Pierre-Louis. “Kids are motivated in high school soccer. For many of them, it’s their world cup so they are extra motivated and also the culture that we’ve built at BHS is a winning program.”

For some, it’s a new year, a new team. But these Demons have last year’s title game loss on the front of their minds.

“Century, it’s our cross-town rivals,” says junior Owen Haase. “We got them all year until the state championship game and we lost to them so it really gets us ready for this year and we want to beat them this time.”

“It was a lot harder on us because we weren’t expected to be a top team in the west by any means,” says senior Isaac Barth. “Losing a lot of seniors, even in the year before that.”

“We got some of our younger players that started in on outside wings and some midfielders,” says Haas. “And a lot of those are coming back this year. We lost our backline. A lot of them are seniors but we have some good guys that can fill that.”

The backline; the foundation to Bismarck’s defense. Second-year head coach Ricardo Pierre-Louis is ready to find his rotation.

“It’s a lot about discipline and application,” says Pierre-Louis. “Being able to have each individual taking care of their own assignment and be consistent.”

On day one, the focus is on technique and ball control for the Demons.

“Passing and control is definitely his main concern,” says Barth. “Not necessarily going and scoring goals every second. Soccer is a very patient game and plays very patiently and wants to keep control of the ball.”

“To me, treasuring the ball is key,” says Pierre-Louis. “The possession part of football. The more we keep it, the less tired we’re going to be. The opponent is going to get tired and they are going to get frustrated and are going to give up that goal.”



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