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Bismarck needs a win to clinch a state tournament spot

9/20/21 (Mon)

The Bismarck Demons are very close to clinching a spot in the state tournament. The Demons have been consistently in second place for most of the season. One reason for their hot streak this season is that the players have taken a ‘one game at a time approach.’

“And that is the reason we’ve done so well so far,” says head coach Ricardo Pierre-Louis. “Coming into tomorrow’s game, it’s going to be another final because we know the importance and weight of that game.”

“These last six games, we’ve won five, just lost this last one,” says junior Owen Haase. “And we’ve really come together. And these next few games that we think are really big, I think we can beat them easily. We just have to beat them.

Here are the clinching scenarios for Bismarck. They will make the state tournament if they win one of the next two games, Century loses one of the next two games, OR if Bismarck and Century draw one of the next two games.


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