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Sports Spotlight: Rodrique Mugisha

10/07/20 (Wed)

Rodrique Mugisha did not grow up in the United States, but his soccer games has certainly grown a ton since he’s been at Bismarck High.

Ricardo Pierre-Louis is Mugisha’s head soccer coach and he remembers the first time he saw Mugisha at Horizon Middle School.

“I asked them to come to McDonalds because I remember my first time in America and I knew they were from Africa. My first time and my first moment that I remember to this day was the first time that I went to McDonalds and I got a Big Mac because in other countries when you speak of McDonalds that’s like luxury. So I took them to McDonalds, I spoke French with them, I took them to my car and I remember that big smile on Rodrique face when he was about 14, he loved it, it made my day,” Pierre-Louis said.

Ricardo has been the perfect mentor on the field and in the class room.

“I was really happy that Ricardo was one of the first few people that we got to know because his country and my country are similar. The childhood that he had is pretty much like guys play soccer in the street. Stop the game when a car is passing by and then coming here I would just hear his stories and I just love being around him and I am in his marketing classes so he teaches me how to deal with money and that stuff so it’s really nice,” Mugisha said.

Pierre-Louis was born in Haiti and has a similar upbringing as Mugisha had in the Republic of the Congo.

“I understand firsthand what it’s like to grow up poor and I understand how its like for a kid to love soccer. I relate to him very much so I know what he’s been through and it was my path so it was good to work with him the last five years and mentor him and help him because I really understand,” Pierre-Louis said.

“It’s pretty much the same: poor grow up with nothing. Soccer is the only thing that helps you forget about the bad stuff that is going on in your country. And then coming here, seeing Ricardo, and then knew that he played professional level I was like I want to stick with this guy and then learn as much as I can from him,” Mugisha said.

Once the Demons soccer season is over, Mugisha plans to visit Lee University, the same college Pierre-Louis played soccer at and he holds the record for goals scored in a career. Mugisha has his eye on the record.

“He knows if I go there that’s going to happen,” Mugisha said.

“I told Rod you might be able too but it may take you 10 years instead of three years like I did hahaha so I tease him a bit,” Pierre-Louis said.

Mugisha’s older brother Tresor already plays soccer at Lee University.


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